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The Content mangement of a website enables you to navigate through a website editing the pages, products and screens. 

A Stockashop website uses an editor called FCK to edit the information pages. The product pages are edited in a similar way, however, they have many additional elements like price, options, weight, stock, etc to fill in. 

FCK Editor

The HTML editor which Stockashop uses is a slightly customised version of the popular FCK Editor. The main differences between Stockashop's editor and FCK Editor are the choice of buttons available, and the image button on information pages.

The Buttons

All the buttons in the editor

The image above shows all the buttons available for the main text area. The left and far right columns have a slightly condensed set - without the table, horizontal line or indenting. Products don't have the image button. Products have an array of images and are handled in a different way. 

There are many types of content management systems, we have written an article which you may find interesting. 

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