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Cookie consent

From May 2012, websites in the EU must ask their visitors to consent to receive third party cookies not essential for the operation of the website.

Stockashop offers several features to cater for this. You can:

  1. Ask us to enable the cookie consent page on your website. There is some default cookie information at but you can customise it once the page is enabled for your website.
  2. If you use 3rd party cookies, you can ask us to enable a cookie consent popup on your website
  3. The text for this popup comes from the Text & Translation called
    template-cookie-popup. For designers to change the look and feel, refer to  #coookieconsent in your CSS.
  4. Then you must put special comments in the HTML source around any 3rd party content which may generate a cookie: <!--COOKIE-FILTER-START--> and <!--COOKIE-FILTER-END-->. These HTML comments will be detected automatically and the stuff between will be removed for any visitors who do not consent to having cookies (and also for before they've even answered the question).

Every user has a cookie consent preference which can be: not needed (for websites without the popup), undecided (when they first get there), no (if they don't consent), yes (if they do consent). This preference is shown on the cookie consent page.

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